Safe dog handling is vital to the safety of both the pet and the person. Here are five things your dog wishes you knew about picking him up.

5 Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew About Picking Him Up

1. My Limbs Are More Delicate Than You Think They aren’t designed to support the entire weight of the dog when he's suspended in the air. The most common form of dangerous pet handling is when we lift a pet by the front limbs as if it were a doll.

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An app that aims to translate your cat’s miaow has been developed

MeowTalk: application to translate the cat’s miaow!

New application MeowTalk records the cat's sounds and then translates them. Currently, there are only 13 phrases in the app’s vocabulary including: “Feed me!”, “I’m angry!” and “Leave me alone!” The problem that each cat’s miaow is unique and individual. The cats don't have a common language... Good news: in

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Snakes do not have external ears and thus, they can’t hear the way we listen to sounds. How do they sway their head in-line with the tune?

Why do snakes dance on the sound of a flute from the snake charmer?

Animal Nutritionals has investigated this phenomenon. Do snakes really dance? Yes! But not on the sound of a flute! 🤷‍♀️ The pungi (Hindi: पुंगी) is a wind instrument, originating from the Indian subcontinent. The instrument consists of a reservoir into which air is blown and then channelled into two reed pipes. It is played with no

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Does a new generation of immune nutritional supplements for pets come soon? The results of the British scientists are very promising!

Specific immune signature identified in COVID-19 patients

The Animal Nutritionals follows closely the latest trends in scientific research related to immune resistance. Does a new generation of nutritional supplements for animals come soon? The results of the British scientists are auspicious! The most wanted topic of our days is COVID-19 and its effects on humans and animals.

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