Do dogs like to swim?

Swimming can be a relaxing and fun activity for your dogs. With our tips and tricks, you can rest easy knowing that they are safe!

Any dog can enjoy swimming the water! Some breeds of dog are more apt to swim than others. To ensure your dog is safe in the water, Animal Nutritionals shares some tips with you! 🐾

  • Teaching your dog basic swimming skills is essential: your pet might need a few lessons in the pool to ensure their safety.
  • Designating “pet safe” areas around the pool is another thing that you can do to make sure that your pet stays safe. For example, jumping off of the diving board can be very unsafe if your pet tries to jump in the water and gets hurt. In this case, it would be helpful to teach your pet that going near the diving board is not permissible.
  • While a little pool water in the mouth shouldn’t cause your dog any harm, avoid letting them drink copious amounts of chlorinated water as it could upset their stomach. As always, if your dog is outside enjoying the hot weather, make sure to provide plenty of fresh drinking water.

After swimming in the pool it’s always a good idea to rinse your dog off with fresh water as the chlorine and sun can be incredibility drying to their skin. Cleaning and drying the inside of their ears with a soft cloth or special pet ear wipes are an essential step to prevent ear infections.🐶