EU reg update

What does it mean marked with red borders? How can such sale be restricted on world-wide selling platforms?

The recent update of the EU Register of Feed Additives: what’s new?

On 13/10/2020 the EU Register of Feed Additives updated the list of feed additives (Annex I of the Regulation No. 1831/2003). The Animal Nutritionals has checked it for you. Some important ingredients for animal digestive products now marked with red borders, like for example Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, a popular gut flora

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Swimming can be a relaxing and fun activity for your dogs. With our tips and tricks, you can rest easy knowing that they are safe!

Do dogs like to swim?

Any dog can enjoy swimming the water! Some breeds of dog are more apt to swim than others. To ensure your dog is safe in the water, Animal Nutritionals shares some tips with you! 🐾 Teaching your dog basic swimming skills is essential: your pet might need a few lessons

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Probiotics are used in nutritional supplements in order to support the organism during physiological strain and to combat diarrheal syndromes

The Effect of Probiotics on Animal Health

The mechanisms of action of probiotic bacteria and their effect in combating digestive disorders in animals have been demonstrated and supported in numerous scientific studies. Probiotic bacteria are used in a wide range of nutritional supplements in order to support the host organism during physiological strain, to reduce stress due

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Snakes do not have external ears and thus, they can’t hear the way we listen to sounds. How do they sway their head in-line with the tune?

Why do snakes dance on the sound of a flute from the snake charmer?

Animal Nutritionals has investigated this phenomenon. Do snakes really dance? Yes! But not on the sound of a flute! 🤷‍♀️ The pungi (Hindi: पुंगी) is a wind instrument, originating from the Indian subcontinent. The instrument consists of a reservoir into which air is blown and then channelled into two reed pipes. It is played with no

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Some parrots repeat what you say. If you say his name, then he says his name too, but it does not mean that he is stupid!

Do parrots know what they’re saying? Or are they just repeating sounds?

Animal Nutritionals has found interesting facts. One of the parrot's owners, the US student Anthony Moumjian shared his experience with a double yellow-headed amazon parrot named Polly: He knew how to escape his cage. If he got out, it is because he wanted to be near one of us. He

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Montmorillonite could be an effective anti-diarrheal and an alternative to other agents which can have serious side-effects.

The magic world of Montmorillonite

The natural ingredients are trendy and highly appreciated in pet supplements. Animal Nutritionals is actively involved in search of the most powerful minerals normalising digestive functions of our 4-legged friends. Today we will talk about Montmorillonite, a natural ingredient with impressive benefits named after Montmorillon (France) where it was first discovered. Montmorillonite

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Your cat is fighting each day, and your neighbours are not smiling anymore? Do you know the cat fight is serious or just a play? How to stop it?

How do you stop a catfight? And is it really necessary?

The certified animal behaviour consultant, and the author of 35 bestselling pet books, Amy Shojai believes that “cat-on-cat” fights can result from some aggression, such as play aggression, or fear aggression. Most intercat attack involves intact same-gender cats and gets worse during mating season. That’s why spaying decreases or prevents about 90

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When the eagles reach its 40th year of life, a very painful process of eagle’s rebirth begins!

How long can eagles live?

Animal Nutritionals will surprise you: an eagle has two lives! When the eagle reaches its 40th year of life, the eagle’s claws begin to age and cannot effectively capture its prey; its beak becomes long and curved, and it will hang down to the position of its breast; its wings

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Although in some cases diarrhoea is unavoidable, there are some things which can reduce the risk!

Gastrointestinal diseases account for 10% of veterinary visits. Prevention!

Can you imagine that gastrointestinal diseases account for about 10% of veterinary visits? Animal Nutritionals has investigated why. “Diarrhea is one of the most frequent clinical signs,” reveals Dr. Jan Suchodolski, associate professor and associate director for microbiome sciences of the Gastrointestinal Laboratory at Texas A&M University, in College Station, Texas.

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Do you know that cats have a wider field of view compared with humans’ one? They are more sensitive to low light and sense motion in the dark much better!

Superman? No… Supercat!

Do you know that cats have a wider field of view? It is almost 200 degrees! Compared with humans' 180-degree view... Cats also have a more excellent peripheral vision. In addition, cats are crepuscular, meaning they are active at dawn and dusk. Their eyes have six to eight times more

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