Insects aren’t very difficult to catch, and they also have a healthy dose of protein in them!

What do birds eat?

The Animal Nutritionals has examined this important question! 🐦 The vast majority of songbirds feed on spiders and insects in the summer. On the one hand, insects aren’t very difficult to catch, and they also have a healthy dose of protein in them. 🦢 In the colder season, on the

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While there are a few canned formulas available that meet the needs of both species, most foods are designed specifically for cats or dogs.


Animal Nutritionals has investigated this enigme! Cats require a higher percentage of protein and fat than most dogs and they have specific requirements for additional taurine. Dogs that eat too much cat food are at risk of weight gain and even pancreatitis. Cats that eat dog food are at risk of

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Champ and Major Biden have moved into their new home in Washington!

Two German Shepherds in the White House!

Two German Shepherds in the White House! Champ and Major Biden have moved into their new home! The First Lady’s office passes along: “Champ is enjoying his new dog bed by the fireplace and Major loved running around on the South Lawn.”Source: @weijia

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There are so many different chihuahua coat colours! However, not all of these dogs are recognised. Read more in our post!

How many chihuahua coat colours are there?

Animal Nutritionals has hunted the internet to see how many of the different chihuahua coat colours we could find. So many! However, not all chihuahua colours are recognised by the Kennel Club. Merle chihuahuas do cause some controversy. Both pure white and pure black with absolutely no splashes of other

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One minute, two minutes, three minutes, it could have been that much worse…

Alexa and Ring devices helped save this puppy from a house fire

Orlando couple Jonathan and Kathy weren't home when Jonathan received a Smart Alert mobile notification from Alexa warning him that the smoke detector was going off in their house. The couple had set up the free Alexa Guard feature on their Amazon Echo, which can detect sounds like a smoke alarm or glass

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Safe dog handling is vital to the safety of both the pet and the person. Here are five things your dog wishes you knew about picking him up.

5 Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew About Picking Him Up

1. My Limbs Are More Delicate Than You Think They aren’t designed to support the entire weight of the dog when he's suspended in the air. The most common form of dangerous pet handling is when we lift a pet by the front limbs as if it were a doll.

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If you notice that your dog has begun to walk in circles regularly, you will want to visit a vet as this may be a sign of something amiss with your pet’s health.

Why is my dog walking in circles?

The Animal Nutritionals has investigated this issue and the reasons may be really different: Inner ear infectionVestibular syndromeInjuriesObsessive compulsive disorder If you suspect that your dog may have a problem that is causing it to walk in circles, there are a couple of tests that can be performed. First, try

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An app that aims to translate your cat’s miaow has been developed

MeowTalk: application to translate the cat’s miaow!

New application MeowTalk records the cat's sounds and then translates them. Currently, there are only 13 phrases in the app’s vocabulary including: “Feed me!”, “I’m angry!” and “Leave me alone!” The problem that each cat’s miaow is unique and individual. The cats don't have a common language... Good news: in

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