About us

Our firm

Animal Nutritionals is a family-owned business providing premium natural vitamins and supplements for pets to ensure that they live a healthy and happy life.

Driven by excellence, innovation, and a true passion for pet wellness, we consider pets as part of our family and hence create our supplements using only the highest-quality organic ingredients and best-tasting flavours.

Partnering with the UK’s leading formulation and manufacturing experts, we aim to bring the latest advances in pet health science and nutrition to you through our broad product range that extends from Joint Mobility and Coat & Skin solutions to Digestion, Kidney and Liver support products.

Your pet’s safety is of utmost importance to us, and all of our supplements are made in the UK in an FDA-registered facility using strict quality and safety standards.

Through our digital expertise, we’re in continuous dialogue with our customers and aim to deliver the right products wherever and whenever that truly fit their pet’s needs.

Our mission

We are committed to creating nutritious supplements that will keep cats and dogs of all ages happy, healthy and content.

Our values

Meeting consumer needs

Through our digital-native brands, we’re in perpetual interaction with consumers and aim to create the perfect solution for each of their needs by attentively listening to our customers and the advice of leading veterinarians.


By paying careful attention to our customer’s requests, our team is fully committed to continuous product innovation in order to meet consumer expectations as closely as possible.

Product Safety

From design to marketing, all of our supplements are tested using strict safety standards and controls.

Product Quality

All of our products are continuously checked for quality control and monitored to ensure they comply with the latest regulations in force.

Made in UK

All of our supplements are manufactured in the UK using locally-sourced ingredients. Our contact details may be found on the Contact page.